And the winner is…

Awards for Princeton High School films:
1st Prize – Oleander by Finn Neuneier, Todor Pophristic and Hadrien Orban.
2nd Prize – The Tenant by Finn Neuneier and Todor Pophrastic
3rd Prize – The Cicada Incident by Thomas Kisby

Awards for Princeton Unified Middle School films:
1st prize – The Walk by Lily Von Roemer
2nd Prize – Pandemic plastic by Stephanie Liao
3rd Prize – Diversity in Princeton through food by Huike Zhou
An official selection for narration goes to Look at the blanket by Michael Pole
An official selection for humor goes to The Corona virus Interview by Edward Pole.

You can view the films here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCfyNPJLrsDL7yR4HdITo2cg